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Welcome to our Dirt Track Auto Racing website.  We hope to provide you with some helpful information about the popular sport of dirt track auto racing along with related products and services that might be useful to you as you become more involved in dirt track racing as a sport or hobby.

This web site was built to tell others about this great family sport.  It is dedicated to Jeremy Zufall who is a Western Pennsylvania dirt track racer who has won many races while in events covering several  classes of race cars on the oval tracks in the Pennsylvania tri-state area. Within the last two years, Jeremy has moved into the Fastrak Late Model racing class where he tried it out.  Although he had a good run, he is attempting to, once again, come home with those first place wins.  The Fastrak field is jammed with good drivers, highly competitive, and every one of them pushes to cross that finish line first.  This class was a real challenge, but like in the past, Jeremy was able to overcome the odds and hold his own.  He did not come away with any first place wins. 

Time to move on and try something new for 2014.   2014 was a good year.  2015 was a time to take a break and refresh, search for new sponsors and get ready for the 2016 season.  Joy Global dropped their support for many of their extra curricular activities in 2015, including in their motor sports sponsorship across the board.  Now we are searching for a new sponsors for 2016 and as many know, it is not an easy task in today's economy.  Regardless, there are companies who will see the value of advertising their businesses on the dirt track cars.  Jeremy has some new sponsors right now (see pics below) but could still use more.  Dirt track racing is expensive as you all know. 

WHAT'S NEW IN 2016? 

It's been two long years.  Racing was put way down on the bottom of the list as other family concerns became top priority.  New baby, new dance studio, new bills, etc.  All the things that come with an ever changing life.  All of that is great news because it was all worth the wait.  Now we see Jeremy getting back on the dirt track. 

Here is his new car, with 2 races in for the season to test it out.  Mechanical problems have surfaced, but are only temporary.  He is ready to race and serious about doing well this year.  Here are a few pics of his new dirt track auto racing car.

WHAT WAS NEW 2014?  

New car in the works.  Here is a sneak peak.  Started out working on it in the garage and here is the almost finished product with most of the logos on it, ready for the dirt track.  Jeremy is building his 2010 Bicknell Chassis and will be racing in the Rush sportsman modified series this year.  The car has been on the track twice now.  Things seem to be going well and the regular racing season has started.  You can check out   You can check out the website for information on RUSH Here:
 http://rushsportsmanmods.com/   and check out our blog for more and the latest updates. 


Every year, not unlike many of his competitors,  he either modifies his previous model year dirt track car or he starts building a new one from the ground up.  You can see some of his former modified cars on his http://dirttrackautoracing.com blog and on this website's picture page.

The information on this website is provided from first hand, personal experience in many  cases.  This is such a great, family friendly sport that there are many reasons for a dirt track racer to share their experiences with others who may be looking to make a start on the oval dirt track.  Dirt track auto racing is an awesome sport. Once it's in your blood there is nothing you can do but race. In fact, you can almost call it an obsession!

What better way to get started then to hear from an actual dirt track auto racer?  There are many dirt track auto racers who participate in and enjoy the sport.  You will find many who have told their stories online, so do a Bing or Google search to find out more about the diverse groups of people who are involved in this sport.  In your research you will find that dirt track auto racing seems to provide many other families with an interesting hobby for many generations.  This is truly a family, fun sport rated G for great for any age family member.

Here is a little background information about #20.  Jeremy Zufall is a dirt track racer who drives a Fastrak late model modified car, #20.  He comes from a long line of dirt track auto racers as this has been a family sport and hobby in their own family for many generations.  His dad, Jim Zufall still races today and his grand pap and many uncles assist him as his pit crew when he travels around to the various oval tracks in the Western PA area. 

Jeremy is a family man with two adorable daughters and a beautiful wife who are always in the stands cheering him on.  (You can see some of their pics on the blog at http://dirttrackracing.blogspot.com  His mom is his faithful videographer, rarely missing an event.  His grandma, aunts, uncles and sister and their families can be seen in the stands on a regular basis too, especially during the peak of the racing season. 

Jeremy is #20 and this is just one of the many dirt track cars he has built. This is last year's model for 2012 where his main sponsor was Joy Mining and Manufacturing Company.  Jeremy builds the late model and Joy wraps the entire car with their own logo.   You can find more pics on the blog.

You can check back on our blog http://www.dirttrackracing.blogspot.com from time to time to see what's new. You will see some of the other dirt track cars Jeremy has driven. He used to have a great looking red car, but not any more. In an effort to keep changing and improving his times and to help him move up in the ranks, he has to get better performing cars to modify.

Dirt Track Auto Racing

Dirt track auto racing is a wonderful, fun, family sport that anyone can enjoy.  It is an affordable night out for everyone.  Bring a car load to the dirt track and have some fun on a beautiful summer night.  Enjoy being with family and friends while helping to support your local dirt track.

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