Dirt Track Auto Racing Jeremy Zufall #20

Dirt Auto Racing Picture

Nothing says it better than a picture or a video.  Here is a mini pictorial history of Jeremy Zufall and his family members, dad Jim Zufall, mom Tammy, his paps, grandma and many aunts, uncles, and friends who have supported him through the years.  Some of the dirt track pictures will enlarge if you click on them, but many are originals that we've scanned.  Hope you enjoy the picture history of some of Jeremy's dirt track auto racing cars.  He sure has been through quite a few over the years and he, his dad, grand paps, uncles and friends helped him build them all.

There are lots of pictures mixed in with one another to show you some of the Zufall family cars.  Most of them are Jeremy's but there are a few of Jeremy's dad, Jim.  This will just give you a sampling of the cars Jeremy has modified over the years.  Hopefully, as time permits, we will add more pictures to the site.

All of these dirt track cars were modified to the different track standards and built from the shells up for the most part.  Some required a huge amount of work, having started with just the frame.  Dirt track auto racing takes a lot of time and effort and the best car you can have to be successful.  Lots of tweaking and wrench turning goes on before they can get it right and that tweaking really never ends during the racing season.

DIRT TRACK AUTO RACING PICTURES.  These dirt track pictures have been taken over the years since Jeremy started racing around age 14.  This should give you an overall picture of how you can take the same shell of a car and modify it to make it into a dirt track racing car.  As he got older, Jeremy moved up into the late model Fastrak series having raced in Emods, and the Charger Divisions.  The cars become more sophisticated and the price for everything increases as you move on up and compete with the big boys (and girls) in the late model stock car classes.  It hasn't been easy but with the right equipment, Jeremy is making great progress at staying near the front with the leaders.  One of these days we will be adding a picture of his win at the dirt track in his Fastrak late model #20.
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