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Alexia's Dirt Track Auto Racing Video

Every great dirt track auto racer has to have a beautiful spokes model. Four year old (now 11) Alexia qualifies as one of Jeremy's biggest fans and as being both beautiful and smart.  She made his very first video and it was just adorable.

As one of his many fans, hear what she had to say about Jeremy's dirt track auto racing website. She should know what she is talking about since she goes to many of the dirt track races.  Being that she is / was only 4 years old though, she rarely made it through the whole competition.  She had even fallen asleep during the deafening roar of the super late models!  

Alexia got her first "quad" for Christmas when she was four.  We will have to see what the next step is for her.  Jeremy's dad, Jim Zufall, has Alexia's name on his car.  Although she is not a paying sponsor quite yet, we are hoping that some day she will take an interest in the sport of dirt track auto racing beyond being a beautiful spokes model!  Take her advice and please visit the rest of our site.  We are adding content as often as possible so you can enjoy the sport of dirt track auto racing too.

Watch Alexia's Dirt Track Auto racing video:

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