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Is It Hard to Get High Risk Racing Insurance?


High Risk Insurance for the high risk category of race car driving is available through some major insurers, however, it is going to be very costly.  When one gets involved in any type of high risk activity or sport, one needs to expect to factor in the cost of replacing the equipment used in case of loss or damage.  Even simple modifications made to a car bought off the lot from a dealership sends red flags to auto insurers that they need to raise the insurance rate immediately, putting the car into the high risk insurance category.

High Risk Insurance companies will insure high risk categories, but in return they offer you high rates for the most part.  You cannot expect an insurance company to cover your modified car or dirt track car for obvious reasons.  The only thing you can hope for is that they will provide insurance coverage for you personally in case of injury, or worse, death.  The major life insurance companies are listed below for your convenience.  The only way to determine what the cost of their coverage will be is to call them directly or write to them and describe your specific situation.  Obviously, by driving a race car, you will automatically be considered to be in the high risk insurance category.

One note of endorsement comes from the IHRA who lists the company Wisenberg as a dedicated high risk insurance provider for auto racers.  I called to verify that they are indeed in business and do provide high risk insurance coverage nationwide.  They did verify that information.  Should you need to contact them you can reach them at: 

Wisenberg Insurance / Risk Management
24 Greenway, Suite 1100
Houston, TX  77046 
Phone:  713/507-9476 or 1-800-364-9476. 

Another credible provider is:  Gulfway Insurers.  "Gulfway Insurers provides specialty insurance coverage to the entire motorsports community:  not insurance for the person but insurance for the vehicle only.  They cover:  collector cars and trucks, antique cars and trucks, race car physical damage insurance, sportsman to professional contents and equipment, wrenches to motors, trailers (tag to full pro trailers complete truck insurance), tow rig - 18 wheelers to pickups, drag bikes, drag boats, monster trucks, owners and sponsors race shops, vendors, race tracks and race teams.  Gulfway Insurers can handle the coverage you require.  We are capable of providing such coverage because Gulfway Insurers is owned and operated by a NHRA Pro Modified & Super Chevy Show Nitro Coupe Driver, Mel Eaves.  Mel is a longtime racer and successful businessman who is very aware of exactly what the racers needs are." 

You can contact Gulfway Insurers at:   (verified)

Gulfway Insurers
12701 US Hwy 19
Bayonet Point, FL  34667

The Capacity Group
Insurance and Financial Services

Auto racing forum with discussions about insurance: 

American Modern Insurance
Cincinnati OH

Click this link to go to an EXTREMELY informative page about Life Insurance for Everyone, including High Risk race car drivers.

It is difficult to find a good high risk insurance provider, but this will at least give you a start.  As we identify more, we will add them to this site or the blog so feel free to check back from time to time.

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