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Dirt Track Stock Car Racing
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[Dirt Track Stock Car Racing]

Dirt track stock car racing provides families with hours of fun entertainment. The much anticipated night of the week arrives, usually a Sunday night. Fans are gathered in the stands to watch their favorite dirt track stock car racing hero. There is plenty of noise from the stock cars as they rev up to test their engines. The smell of gasoline and dirt permeates the air. Family and friends gather around their favorite stock car racing driver for last minute encouragement in the pits. Other family members and friends are already sitting in the stands in anticipation.

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You hear over the loudspeaker that the race is about to begin. You give last minute kisses and hugs, shake a few hands, and leave the pit behind to your favorite driver. The racing night begins. The cars rev up and move into line. The engines roar, louder and louder and the flag goes down. The dirt track stock car racing event has begun. This is the trial heat, so it matters in regards to placement in the main event. The dirt track auto racers roar around the track with the late models speeding up to 120 mph!

See the You Tube Dirt Track Auto Racing Videos Below to get a great idea of what it's like on the dirt track.

The dirt flies everywhere. Kids hold their ears. The sound is deafening. 4 laps around the track. The flag goes out. The winner of this dirt track stock car racing heat advances onto the Feature. S/he still needs to wait until the other heats finish. But when all is said and done, the Feature heat will be the most fun. All of the winners of each individual heat will gather together to race against one another. The money isn't big in this local race, but the points add up and there will be more racing next week.

Visit our other pages on dirt track auto racing for more detailed information on dirt track stock car racing. This page was created to give a flavor or an idea to what a night is like at a dirt track stock car racing event. There is nothing like being there in person. Give it a try!

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